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What is The Fuzzy Pig?

You could venture twenty guesses and still not come close. But if farmer-turned-entrepreneur Dick Kraus has his way, the "delightful day trip secret" that is The Fuzzy Pig will soon be well-known to residents of Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Southeast Wisconsin.

Kraus is the mastermind and driving force behind a 15-year odyssey to transform a chunk of one of his family farms into a unique country mall and dining destination.

"People constantly ask me what it is. I can tell you what The Fuzzy Pig isn't," observed Kraus. "It isn't a little craft store; it isn't a small antique shop, or little roadside shop. You really have to see it to believe it."

The Fuzzy Pig is a hand-renovated barn lovingly converted into a distinct country mall. The family house next door to the country mall has been completely gutted and transformed. Each room of the now renovated farmhouse offers another restaurant with a new dining experience: "The Heritage Room," a casual and enchanting dining room; "Did-Bo's," a 1950's malt and snack shop; and a gourmet coffee room.

"Fuzzyville," as Dick Kraus refers to the entire complex anchored by The Fuzzy Pig Country Mall, is a 15-year labor of love located on a four-acre section of a 160-acre Kraus family farm. Fuzzyville is located just outside of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

The Fuzzy Pig Complex continues to grow and includes The Fuzzy Pig Country Mall, The Heritage Restaurant, and Shockwave Haunts which features 4 different indoor haunted houses..

How did Farmer Kraus arrive at the name “The Fuzzy Pig?”

“Renovating our barn into a country mall took years,” Kraus explained. "When our family farm was still a working dairy farm, we used to have lots of stray cats that would stop by for a free meal. But after we stopped running our dairy farm, the cats no longer stopped by. No free food, no strays looking for a meal."

“One day when we were working on converting our barn into the country mall, a big wild cat showed up. We couldn’t get near it at first. However, every morning, [my brother-in-law] Roger [Gransee], a big coffee drinker, would bring coffee for us while we worked on the renovation. Roger took his coffee black, but I took mine with cream, so Roger would always bring me a few creamers from the truck stop where he would pick up our daily coffee. Wouldn't you know it, that cat seemed interested in my creamers, so Roger started bringing a couple extra creamers for the cat and we'd pour the creamers in a small dish. Each morning, that cat would show up for his creamers. It was amazing; back then there were a lot of minivans on the road, but that cat could always tell it was Roger’s minivan arriving with more creamers. When he’d see that van, he would run to the dish for his daily treat.”

“Once we got the cat somewhat tamed, he decided to move into the barn, so we set up a little bed for him. We put down a big piece of foam and hung a heat lamp. He loved that. All he did was lay under the heat lamp. We were having some cold winters; the only time he would get up from under the heat lamp was to get fed. With all those creamers and all that laying around, our adopted feline friend got huge. About the same time, the truck stop started rationing our creamers. Roger was taking 50-60 creamers each morning to satisfy our friend; but after the truck stop put a stop to our creamers, word spread about our new friend, and a buddy of mine who owns a trucking firm would occasionally send over a damaged pallet of creamers. Our cat had literally a limitless supply of his beloved creamers.”

“On the country mall front, Roger and I were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for our construction work. We had been discussing names for the place for weeks, but we couldn’t agree on one. We wanted it to be something that stuck in our customers' minds when they heard it. While we were discussing names, the cat walked by us to get some more creamers. I blurted out ‘look at that fuzzy pig’ a joke to make Roger laugh. We looked at each other. I might have had something with that name. For days we kept attempting to shoot the idea down, but ultimately we felt it would stick in our customers' heads once they heard it. I think we got it right.”

Dick Kraus

The owner, is creative genius and mastermind behind the Fuzzy Pig complex. Most of the buildings on the property are designed and built by Dick. The location of the Fuzzy Pig is the farm in which Dick was raised. Dick still crop farms the land. Many of the construction materials are recycled and reclaimed from dilapidated barns and other buildings.

Pam Kraus

The co-owner with Dick spends some days working the special events at The Fuzzy Pig or helping out in the gift shops. She spends the majority of her time managing the two flower shops (Milton House of Flowers and The Floral Villa) and the woman's boutique they own in Milton.


Geri has been a valued employee for over 33 years starting, her time with the Kraus team in one of their flower shops. She then began managing a bed and breakfast before heading to her current job overseeing the gift shops at the Fuzzy Pig complex. Her knack for decorating means every visit will provide inspiration for your own small or large decorating or remodeling project. You can also find her in the kitchen of the Heritage Restaurant Sunday mornings cooking breakfast.

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