About The Fuzzy Pig

What is The Fuzzy Pig? You could venture twenty guesses and still not come close. But if farmer-turned-entrepreneur Dick Kraus has his way, the "delightful day trip secret" that is The Fuzzy Pig will soon be well-known to residents of Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Southeast Wisconsin.

Kraus is the mastermind and driving force behind a 15-year odyssey to transform a chunk of one of his family farms into a unique country mall and dining destination.

"People constantly ask me what it is. I can tell you what The Fuzzy Pig isn't," observed Kraus. "It isn't a little craft store; it isn't a small antique shop, or little roadside shop. You really have to see it to believe it."

The Fuzzy Pig is a hand-renovated barn lovingly converted into a distinct country mall. The family house next door to the country mall has been completely gutted and transformed. Each room of the now rennovated farmhouse offers another restaurant with a new dining experience: "The Heritage Room," a casual and enchanting dining room; "Did-Bo's," a 1950's malt and snack shop; and a gourmet coffee room.

"Fuzzyville," as Dick Kraus refers to the entire complex anchored by The Fuzzy Pig Country Mall, is a 15-year labor of love located on a four-acre section of a 160-acre Kraus family farm. Fuzzyville is located just outside of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

The Fuzzy Pig Complex continues to grow and includes The Fuzzy Pig Country Mall, The Heritage Restaurant, The Old Town Barber, and Blood Manor "haunted house".